“How to protect children from Father-Haro?”

Divorced 2 years ago, after the divorce lived together. But this winter I found out that the ex -husband began to inject, and we finally parted. It would seem that everything was fine, and it turned out that he continues to use with a woman who lives in a neighboring apartment. Her ex -husband is constantly with her, and I know well what way she leads. I can’t imagine how to explain to him that I will no longer let the children to him. Or the Council of the Psychologist will not help and it is better to contact the authorities?

Margarita, 34 years old

Margarita, if your ex -husband is a heroin addict, it will be very reasonable to protect children from communicating with him.

You do not write how many children are years old, whether they themselves want to communicate with their father, whether he shows a desire to participate in their life and upbringing, whether they have close relationships. It is also important to understand in what relations you are with him, whether he is ready to go on a dialogue with you, to understand what is better for children. How long and tightly he uses whether the decay of personality has gone. It is impossible without knowledge of all these details to even try to guess how your ex -husband will react to such a conversation. You write about the woman with whom he lives, and about her behavior, but not about his.

As a mother, you must protect children from possible danger and pernicious influence even a second parent. But if your ex -husband is always sober with children in a clear consciousness, if he is involved in games and conversations with them, if he does not have a change in personality and he is not dangerous, you should not deprive children of communication with his father.

Try to convey to your ex-husband for your part that you are worried about the children in this situation, that you do not want to impose any restrictions on communication, but are forced to do it because he uses. Talk only about children, without a transition to personality, condemnation of his lifestyle and, moreover, his personal choice.

He is your ex -husband and can live with anyone, even with you with the most unpleasant woman in the world, this does not apply to the matter. If he is capable of a dialogue, it should start with this. Perhaps he is so valuable for children that the prospect of losing communication with them will make him change. If the case is running, you will have to act through the court. To do this, you need to consult a family law lawyer.

The situation in which you found yourself is very painful, you are forced to go to extreme measures for the well -being of the children, and perhaps the children themselves will not be delighted with your decision, but you understand that you are right, and this will give you strength to thosemoments when it will be completely hard.

No matter how your problem is resolved, do not go with your ex -husband to an open conflict. If he does not just use occasionally, but an already dependent person, it By this link is dangerous for you and for children. Think a few steps forward, carefully weigh all the arguments, do not provoke it. Remember that your children, most likely, will only have a mother.

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